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Virtual and multinational teams - a success story?

With many customers, we see restructuring leading to virtual structures across functions and countries, implemented by being distributed via e-mail. But, the old structures remain alive, daily business is conducted as usual because the virtual structures - being very impersonal - are not commonly accepted. How can I create and maintain good relationships, when I am not there? And how can I - being a manager or project leader - cope with the next difficulty, leading a team with 5 nationalities in 6 locations??

Working in virtual teams
Communication tends to become more and more virtual. E-mails and phone conferences are the main medias in daily work. Have we really succeeded in speeding up business? How effective do teams work in cyberspace? How motivated? What are the advantages of virtual working, e.g. speed? What are the pitfalls, e.g. flaming mails, impersonality? How to effectively deal with virtual working is the content of this seminar.

Multinational Teams
Do we have a global business culture? Do we need one? No, what we need are the basic tools and capabilities how to work with multinational teams.

Explore this and learnhow to work with our
cultural toolbox.


We use Coaching alongside the Change Management Processes. All our Coaches work with the so-called "integrative approach" in order to foster and support your own ability to find the solution.

We offer Coaching in Cologne and Hamburg in our own rooms. For special needs we recommend to book an intensive session week with us at the seminar finca in Lloret de Vistalegre/ Mallorca.


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