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But how? How can we survive the competition? And how can I convince a team or a whole organisation that the motivation of every single individual is the key to success? How can we communicate clear, fair and consistent in difficult situations? Especially when the organisations is to be changed, and I as a manager have to be on the bridge and steer the ship through high waves?

This is the part where we may come in as your strategic HR development partner. Making the most of all available resources - this means, that we closely work with your values and strategic direction to develop formats for basic and advanced leadership trainings. Making the most of all available resources - this also means, that we meet your managers on their level of knowledge and experience. We discover their existing resources and start to build from that.

No academical management talk.

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There are a lot of theories and tips concerning leadership style. Fortunately, the quest for "the one right Leadership style" has been given up. Good managers have a variety of different styles which they use in corresponding situations. We can help you to reflect on and improve your reactions to different situations.Some situations might have been difficult for you, and some ... for your employees. Reflection will improve your everyday work. .

Important ingredients for your individual Leadership style are willingness to change, emotional intelligence, consistent communication and teambuilding skills.

By discussing and applying common principles to individual experiences you can build and refine your personal Leadership style.