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High pressure and stress reduce the joy perceived from daily work. If we feel unsecure about the legitimation of decisions in change processes it can even lead to a frustration and being non-decisive. To withdraw from direct contact with the co-workers is the opposite of what we need in change management. How can we help our employees to accept and actively support change interventione? How can we support our managers to again play an active role and to do what they have to do - "being on the bridge" with pride and power?

PROFF CONSULTING provides advice and support during the systematic and strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of change processes, emphasizing the combination of hard and soft factors. The people involved in, and affected by the change process have to be taken into consideration. We will support you to promote a change and development culture.

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Our concepts for Change Management & Coaching work with you as being an organization and being human beings. We support process-redesign and structural changes in the preparation, implementation and evaluation-phases.

We mobilize your co-workers and managers energy and give them the responsibility to actively shape their future. We influence the existing energy to again become a source of positive contribution.

Coaching provides support for your decision-makers in these difficult times.